There are many things to see and to do in Florence and with a single visit you can’t decide what to see immediately and what next time.

Museums, monuments and artworks in the open air, squares, bridges, characteristic streets, workshops and boutique shops, local jumbles where to buy souvenirs to bring back home: not even a one-month-vacation could help you to discover the hidden wonders of that city.

In that section we have added some tips and recommendations to help you to organise in the best way your stay here, coming back home without such a troublesome hunch of “having left out something important”. Which is the simplest solution? Having a guided tour of the city!

The Uffizi museum has been universally recognized as one of the most important museums in the world and you can book in advance a guided tour in order to explore its artistic masterpieces avoiding long queues at the entryway. If you want to sightsee the city by smelling its scents and discovering its hidden corners, you can join the walking tour but, if you prefer, you can also tour on a convenient form of transport which will carry you in its World Heritage Sites of Unesco. In other words, you have a vast array of options and preferences to choose from, so what you need is to decide your favourite one and book it!

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