With the Naples and Pompeii tour we will admire, by crossing Autostrada del Sole in the Southern direction, the green countryside and Roman Castles. Halfway through we will see Montecassino Abbey, famous for the great battle during the Second World War. Then we will go down towards Mergellina port and we will follow the waterfront in order to reach Santa Lucia neighborhood, an old sea village, where the ancient Egg Castle stands out.

We will leave the city by going through the fertile valley of Vesuvio which extends over the small towns between Naples and Pompeii: Ercolano, Torre del Greco and Torre Annunziata. Once in Pompeii, we will lunch. In the afternoon, accompanied by a guide, we will start the archeological walk through the ancient city (about 2 hours). Pompeii returned to the light after almost 1700 years after having been buried under a blanket of ashes and lapilli following a sudden eruption of volcan Vesuvio in 79 A.D.; magically, the daily life of an ordinary day, in the first half of the Imperial period, has been paralyzed in all gestures, secrets and fear of the last moments. Throughout the trip we will have a visit in an ancient manufactory of cameos and corals which are the most typical art works of local craftsmen since the Hellenic period. At the end, the trip back will include a tour in Naples and Pompeii. After that, within three hours we will be back in Rome. The return is expected nearby the hotel.

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