Spending few hours in Sorrento is the first step to fall in love with this town, stock up on lemons’ fragrance while already thinking about when coming back, as a famous song recites.

With this tour you will explore the maze of historical alleys following the typical Grecian plant made of hinges and decumanus. You will walk among the historical buildings until you will reach the Sedil Dominova in which the local nobility used to meet while today it is the venue which hosts a characteristic nativity scene during Christmas time.

The visit continues through the Franciscan cloister of 1300. Later on, you will have the chance to stroll among the alleys and to snoop in the local workshops (Sorrento is world-famous for its inlay and crochet arts and crafts), to taste sweets and ice-creams in downtown bakeries while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and the Gulf of Naples, sitted on a bench in the sunlight.

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