Bolsena Lake, a famous tourist destination, is located in the Northern part of Lazio region in the province of Viterbo. It is the greatest basin of volcanic origin in Europe and the fifth one in Italy.

This lake formed in a caldera originated by the breakdown of the volcan Vulsinio.

The basin includes Bisentina and Martana isles, within a space covering an area of 114,5 square miles with 151 meters of maximum depth. The lake has been acknowledged as one of the cleanest lakes in Europe.

Several species of fishes live in those waters such as whitefishes, eels and pikes which are also the main course of the restaurants surrounding the lake; furthermore, in the proximity and in the isles, we can see several species of water birds such as the Herring Gull, the Little Bittern and the Reed Warbler. This area benefits from a thriving and lush plant life. Around the lake you can also visit several and lovely small towns with the typical architecture of Medieval and Renaissance periods such as in Montefiascone and Bolsena from which the lake takes its name.

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