Caressed by the sea wind and protected by the hills behind the farm, our vineyards are located in strategic areas on Cerite land, in such a way that each vine could benefit from location and exposure.

The municipality of Cerveteri, at 40 km from Rome, covers an area of 16 hectares of a place where nature and history are intertwined creating suggestive glimpses. Etruscans made Cerveteri (the ancient Kaysra or Caere as Romans used to call it) an important metropolis and a neuralgic centre for the network of seafaring routes in the ancient Mediterranean sea.

They also intertwined the connection between this land and the vineyards that we are still  safeguarding.

Our tradition as winegrowers has been kept steady for years and it involves three generations. Our father, Fiorenzo Collacciani, decided to bottle the production from the vineyards previously grown by uncle Etterino, since 2001. Back then, and also today, he resolutely believed in our land that, with its volcanic and clayey soil, constitutes the ideal habitat for grapevine.

The winery takes its name from an outdated farmhouse built by the Orsini family, approximately in 1400, on top of an ancient Etruscan temple located in the connecting road between Cerveteri and Pyrgi. It was used as a barn and hence its name came from the fact that it used to attract many hungry ravens (in fact, Centocorvi means “a hundred ravens”).

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