Trevi Fountain

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Trevi Fountain



The most famous of the Roman fountains: a jewel of water and stone

Trevi Fountain, exhibition terminal of the Virgin aqueduct, unique of the ancient aqueducts uninterruptedly in use until our days, is the most famous of the Roman fountains.


Its name derives from a toponym in use in the area since the mid-twelfth century.

Regio Trivii, referring to the confluence of three streets in the square, or from the triple outlet of the water of the original fountain.

The construction of the current Trevi Fountain is due to Pope Clement XII who, in 1732, held a competition in which the major artists of the time participated.

Among the various projects presented, the architect Nicola Salvi was chosen.


Leaning against Palazzo Poli, the fountain is articulated in the large basin with a wide cliff enlivened by the sculptural representation of numerous plants and the spectacular flow of water.

In the center dominates the statue of Ocean driving the shell-shaped chariot, pulled by the wrathful horse and the placid horse, held back by two newts.


In the façade, articulated as a triumphal arch, there are two reliefs that allude to the legend of the source and the history of the aqueduct:

  • on the right, the virgin pointing to the spring to the Roman soldiers
  • on the left, Agrippa ordering the start of the construction of the aqueduct.
  • The decorative apparatus is completed by two allegorical figures that enhance the beneficial effects of water, Healthiness and Abundance, placed in the side niches.

Fontana di Trevi, mostra dell'acqua vergine | SovrintendenzaFontana di Trevi-gabbiaservices

The construction was completed by Giuseppe Pannini who partially modified the cliff regularizing the central basins.

After a restoration in the years 1989-1991, the last major restoration took place in 2014, thanks to the economic contribution of the Maison Fendi.

Before leaving, do not forget to throw a coin into the fountain, you will surely return to Rome, as the custom says.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a bit of romance, perhaps even an Italian love, you will have to throw a second and a third coin to make sure that the wedding bells resound soon.

Photos of the G20 Coin Toss

G20, i leader a Fontana di Trevi per il tradizionale lancio della monetina (ma Biden è assente)

The Trevi Fountain was the splendid setting for the most famous scene of the film La Dolce Vita by director Federico Fellini;

a provocative Anita Ekberg wrapped in a long black evening dress calls Marcello Mastroianni: “Marcello, come here!”,

while sinuously immersing herself in the sparkling waters of the fountain.






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