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The square of Campo de ‘Fiori was built in 1456 by order of Pope Calisto III in the place where before there was a field of flowers, as its name indicates.

After the restructuring of the area and the construction of notable buildings, such as Palazzo Orsini, the square became a very popular place for the most important personalities of the city.

Campo de ‘Fiori became a prosperous place, full of craft shops and hotels.

In the past, a horse market was held twice a week.

The square was also the place where executions were held.

Today, in memory of the executions committed, there is the imposing statue of Giordano Bruno in the center of the square.

This famous philosopher was burned in the square in 1600 on charges of heresy.

In 1889 this monument was installed in his honor.

The Square Today

Nowadays Campo de ‘Fiori is one of the most famous spots in the capital.

Since 1869, a market of food, flowers and other products has been held every morning from Monday to Saturday.

In the evening, Campo de ‘Fiori is a perfect area for dining in one of its outdoor venues.

The square in the evening.


This square is today one of the most picturesque places in the city.

Located near Farnese Square, on the road to Navona Square, it has maintained the charm of ancient Rome, animated every morning by a picturesque market with its wooden stalls.

The rest of the day, its many bars and terraces bring the place to life.

In the evening, many young Romans gather around the statue of Giordano Bruno, to relax, talk, have a beer, talk, …

Favorite destination of tourists from all over the world today in Piazza Campo dé Fiori it is possible to stay thanks to the presence of various accommodation facilities such as B & Bs and Hotels.





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